Sr.No. Name Of the Journal Branch.
1 Journal of Analysis and Computation CS+IT
2 Journal of high Performance Communication systems and networking. CS+IT
3 Journal of neural computing systems. CS+IT
4 Journal of Intelligent System Research(JISR)(2) CS+IT
5 Indian Journal of Speech and Language Processing(2) CS+IT
6 Indian Journal of Neural Network Reaserch(2) CS+IT
7 Indian Journal of Advance in wireless and mobile communication(2) CS+IT
8 Indian Journal of Computational  Intelligance (2) CS+IT
9 Inter.Journal of Wireless Communication & Networking(IJWCN)(2) CS+IT
10 Inter.Journal of Wireless Sensor Networks and applications(2) CS+IT
11 Jnl of the Inst. of Engineers India:Series-A CS+IT
12 Journal of Computer Science(6) CS+IT
13 Jnl of the Inst. of Engineers India:Series-B E&TC
14 Electronic for You. E&TC
15 IETE Journal of Research E&TC
16 IETE Technical Review E&TC
17 Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technology MECH
18 Jnl of the Inst. of Engineers India:Series-C MECH
19 Jnl of the Inst. of Engineers India:Series-D MECH
20 Jnl of the Inst. of Engineers India:Series-E MECH
21 Indian Journal of Engineering and Material Science MECH
22 Bulletin of Material science MECH
23 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research MECH
24 Journal of Spacecraft Technology MECH
25 Foundry (An Indian Jou.for Progressive Metal) MECH
26 Industrial Engineering Journal (12) MECH
27 JP Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer(3) MECH
28 Machinist (12) (Publisher Bennet,coleman & MECH
29 Indian Journal Of Chemistry Section A(12) SC&HUM
30 Pramana Journal of Physics (12) SC&HUM