Professional Body Membership

Professional Body Membership


1.To Provide support for continuing professional development (CPD)
2.To Provide networks for professionals to meet and discuss their field of expertise.
3.To Provide careers support and opportunities for students, graduates and people already working in the profession.
4.To Provide platform for publish professional journals
1. To develop the advancement of the knowledge and practice of professions through developing, supporting, regulating and promoting professional standards for technical and ethical competence. 
2. To organize Industry events including talks on relevant topics
3. To create networking events and networking opportunities
4. To provide access to technical knowledge and information
Committee Members
Sr. No.Name of FacultyDepartmentDesignation
1 Prof. R. P. Polas Mechanical Functional Head
2 Prof. Devyani Bonde Computer Member
3 Prof. Apurva Ulhe Mechx Member
4 Prof. Manisha Bhise Civil Member
5 Mrs. Reena Kokane Library Member

Student Chapters Student & Faculty Count
Sr. No.Name of Student ChapterName of Faculty AdvisorDepartmentNo. of Students
1 IEI  Prof. S. S. Chaudhar  Computer  50
2 ISTE Prof. D. J. Bonde Computer 100
3 Automotive Club Dr. G. L. Allampallewar Mechanical 60
4 IEI Prof. D. M. Bhoge Mechanical 50

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