Faculty Research Projects

Sr.No. Faculty Name Projects
1 Mr. D M Bhoge Comparison of Flexural joints used in precision scanning applications
2 Mr.E.D.Kurhe Heat transfer enhancement in a circular tube heat exchanger using Inclined Vortex Rings
3 Mr.G.G.Jagdale Finite Element analysis of Delamination in Composites
4 Mr. V. S. Jagadale Development & Experimental Investigation of
Automobile propeller Shaft using Composite
Epoxy-glass fiber material
5 Mr. R. P. Polas Concentrating Volumetric Air Receiver Materials:
Experimental determination of heat transfer coefficient
6 Mr. Dayanand Yesane Optimization of Crankshaft subjected to Dynamic Loading
7 Mr. Vikas Singh Panwar Multi-Fault Diagnosis of Gear System Using Vibration Based Signal Processing Technique
8 Mr. Naresh B. Dhamane Experimental Investigation Of Heat Transfer Performance Of Wavy Twisted Tape Insert & Comparison With Plain Twisted Tape Insert
9 Mr.Rajat S Patil Design Analysis of a Vacuum Hoist to lift  200 N PVC Sheet
10 Mr. G. L.Allampallewar Comparative Finite Element Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade for Super Alloy and
 Composite Material
11 Mr.A.G.Whatte Development of Computer based Production Planning System on Simulated Production Data of Manufacturing Unit
12 Mr.Martand Pandagale Simulation and Experimentation of Heat Pipe Oven Plasma Chamber for Photo Ionozied Plasma Chamber 
13 Mr. Amol S Bhanage  Development and Automation of Loft Surface for Sheet Metal Components
14 Mr.Ritesh G. Mahajan Developement of wall climbing robot for cleaning application
15 Mr. Sudhir S More Design and Development of Hydrodynamic poilishing set up for nanopolishing of hard materials 
16 Mr. Shivaji P. Yadav Augmentation Of Heat Transfer Using Longitudinally Drilled Turbulators
17 Mrs. Shital G. Nerkar Numerical Analysis of 2D Pulsating flow in Pipe